Avoiding Plagiarism

Learning Outcomes:

After completing this chapter, you will be able to:

  • define plagiarism,
  • identify consequences for committing plagiarism at Niagara College,
  • describe some common types of plagiarism,
  • name one way to avoid plagiarism in your own work.


Unsure of what plagiarism actually is? Watch this video to find out.



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Student Responsibilities:

As a Niagara College student, you are responsible to uphold the College’s standards for academic integrity and honesty.  Here are two essential items you need to be aware of regarding plagiarism:

The same information can also be found in the “Academic Responsibilities” section of the student handbook.

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Types of Plagiarism:

There is more than one way to get accused of committing plagiarism. Watch this video to learn the different types of plagiarism so that you can avoid it in your own work.


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The Why, Where, and When of Citing:

One of the easiest ways to avoid being accused of plagiarism is to always cite your sources. Watch this video for more information on why you should cite your sources, as well as where/when to cite your sources.


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