List of Plates

Plate 1A. The Menelaion and Mt. Taygetos from East.

Plate 1B. Mt. Aigaleon from Northwest.

Plate 2A. Kardamyle. The Citadel from West.

Plate 2B. Kyparissia: Kastro from West.

Plate 3A. Lepreon: Ayios Dhimitrios from East.

Plate 3B. Kato Samikon: Klidhi (? Arene) from Northeast.

Plate 4A. Pikernis: Gourtsouli (‘Old Mantinea’) from South.

Plate 4B. Gourtsouli. Cyclopean Wall on Southeast, with John Lazenby.

Plate 5A. Thisbe from Southeast.

Plate 5B. Harma (formerly Dritsa): Ancient Eleon, Lesbian Wall from Northeast.

Plate 6A. Panopeus from North.

Plate 6B. Panopeus, Cyclopean Wall on Southeast, with John Lazenby.

Plate 7A. Mesopotamos: Xylokastro (Ancient Ephyra) from South.

Plate 7B. Xylokastro. Outer Enceine, Southwest side.

Plate 8A. Syme. The Kastro from Northwest.

Plate 8B. Kalymnos: Perakastro from South.

Plate 9A. Chalkis: Vlicha from South.

Plate 9B. Dramesi (? Hyrie) from South.

Plate 10A. Hypaton: Tourleza (? Glisas) from West.

Plate 10B. Harma (Eleon) from Southwest.

Plate 11A. Koroneia from North.

Plate 11B. Haliartos from West.

Plate 12A. Orchomenos [Boeotia] from East.

Plate 12B. Pyrgos (? Aspledon) from East.

Plate 13A. Chryso: Ayios Yeoryios (Krisa) from Northeast.

Plate 13B. Livanates: Pyrgos (Kynos) from Northwest.

Plate 14A. Eretria. The Acropolis from Southwest.

Plate 14B. Amarynthos: Palaiochoria from West.

Plate 15A. Oreoi: Kastro (Histiaia) from Southwest.

Plate 15B. Dendra: Palaiokastro (Midea) from Northwest.

Plate 16A. Asine. The Acropolis from West.

Plate 16B. Hermione: Kastri from West.

Plate 17A. Corinth. Temple of Apollo from North, with Acrocorinth behind.

Plate 17B. Cleonae. The Mycenaean Site from Southeast.

Plate 18A: Ayios Vasilios (Pharis) from North.

Plate 18B. The Menelaion (Sparte) from South.

Plate 19A. The Amyklaion (Amyklai) from South.

Plate 19B. The Island of Kranai from Northwest.

Plate 20A. Kastro Passava (ancient Las) from East.

Plate 20B. Oitylos from South.

Plate 21A. Kardamyle. The Citadel from South.

Plate 21B. Stoupa: Ancient Leuktra from North.

Plate 22A. Kyparissia: Kastro from South.

Plate 22B. Epitalion: Ayios Yeoryios (Thryon) from South.

Plate 23A. Orchomenos [Arcadia] from South.

Plate 23B. Kalyvia: Pyrgos (Pheneos) from South.

Plate 24A. Neochori: Chlemoutsi Castle (? Hyrmine) from East.

Plate 24B. Zakynthos Town and Kastro above.

Plate 25A. Kato Vasiliki: Ayia Triadha (Chalkis) from North.

Plate 25B. Kalydon. The Acropolis from West.

Plate 26A. Ayios Ilias (? Olenos) from Southwest.

Plate 26B. Mesolonghi: Gyphtokastro (Pleuron) from Southwest.

Plate 27A. Lindos from Northwest.

Plate 27B. Moschou Vounara from Northeast, with Ialysos Acropolis behind.

Plate 28A. Lamia (? Alos) from West.

Plate 28B. The Trachinian Cliffs and Rakhita below, from West.

Plate 29A. Nea Ankhialos (Pyrasos) from East.

Plate 29B. Volos: Kastro (? Iolkos). ‘Megaron’ from West.

Plate 30A. Velestino (Pherai) from Southeast.

Plate 30B. Stephanovikeion: Petra (? Boibe), South Hills from Northeast Hill.

Plate 31A. Ktouri (? Ormenion) from Southeast.

Plate 31B. Ktouri. Along Inner Enceinte from North.

Plate 32A. Trikkala: Kastro from North.

Plate 32B. Georgikon: Kouphia Rachi Tholos Tomb from South.

Plate 33A. Georgikon: Kouphia Rachi from West.

Plate 33B. Ancient Pelinna from South.

Plate 34A. The Acropolis at Bakraina (? Gyrtone) from Southeast.

Plate 34B. Tatar Magoula (? Orthe) from South.

Plate 35A. Argyropouli (? Elone) to South from Kastri.

Plate 35B. Argyropouli. Mycenaean House-wall on East.

Plate 36A. Polydendri: Kastro (Meliboia) from North.

Plate 36B. Argyropouli: Kastri from South.

Plate 37A. Phthiotic Thebes from North.

Plate 37B. Kanalia and Lake Karla from Southwest.

Plate 38A. Pyrasos from East.

Plate 38B. Pyrasos. Harbour from Northwest.

Plate 39A. Antron from South.

Plate 39B. Antron. Caves from East.

Plate 40A. Chalkis: Vlicha from South.

Plate 40B. Anthedon. Harbour, to Northwest from Acropolis.

Plate 41A. Kastelli (? Dion) from East.

Plate 41B.Oreoi: Kastro (Histiaia) from West.


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