Summary of H5P

In this module we discovered what H5P is and considered the possibilities for its use in your teaching and learning. We explored some of the content types and evaluated which ones might be best suited for your use. We went through the steps of getting an account on eCampusOntario’s H5P studio and got started by creating some content and learning how to reuse and embed in various platforms.

There are numerous resources and support communities available for H5P so take a look and advance your learning beyond this module.


Key Takeaways

  1. H5P is an open-source platform used to build interactive content in HTML5 for embedding in websites, Pressbooks and Learning Management Systems.
  2. H5P has an ever-growing catalogue of many interactive content types.
  3. Various H5P content types can be explored for different teaching and learning purposes, as well as time and effort to create and use.
  4. eCampusOntario offers H5P for free to all Ontario colleges, universities and Indigenous institutes via the H5P Studio.
  5. H5P content is easily created and reused in the H5P Studio as well as embedded in Learning Management Systems.

Useful Resources

  • – the definitive spot for all things H5P!
  • eCampusOntario’s New User Guide to H5P Studio -introduces new users to H5P studio and provides information on creating an account, creating and using H5P content types and additional resources.
  • The H5P Kitchen – a BCcampus initiative by Alan Levine providing numerous user-friendly tips, tutorials and recordings on learning about, and getting creative with H5P.
  • Conestoga College H5P Guide – created by Conestoga College’s Faculty Learning Hub, this is a wonderful step-by-step resource on H5P with brief videos.

Module Map

Unsure of where to go from here? Navigate with ease using the module map to chart your course!



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