Welcome to the McMaster Graduate Thesis Toolkit!

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Welcome to the McMaster Graduate Thesis Toolkit – your resource for everything related to writing for your Masters and PhD work. After consulting with graduate students like you, we have developed a series of resources, tip sheets, and experiences from graduate students in the following three themes:

  1. Time Management & Organization
  2. Technical Aspects of Writing & Editing
  3. Staying Well While Writing.

We also heard from graduate students that everyone’s thesis experience is unique, and so the toolkit reflects that diversity. We hope the quotes and stories from students throughout will inspire you and let you know that you are not alone in your journey. 

This is a general guide for the entire graduate student body, so please consult with your own department for their specific guidelines and processes.

How to navigate this book

You can use the left and right arrows at the bottom of each page indicating the previous and next chapters in this book. You can also use the “Contents” in the top left-hand corner to navigate to any of the topics within the three chapters and sub-chapters. Finally, you can “search” for a keyword in the top right-hand corner.


The online version of this toolkit (through Pressbooks) is designed to be accessible for all. The text is compatible with text to speech screen readers,  photos and graphics are set up for alternative text, and in the top corner of the page there is a button which enables you to enlarge the text for better visibility. If you require further accommodations, please contact Student Accessibility Services (https://sas.mcmaster.ca/) for more support.


The authors of this book would like to acknowledge the contributions of:

  • Graduate Students and the McMaster Graduate Student Association for offering feedback, experiences and outreach support for this project.
  • The MacPherson Institute Student Partners Program for providing grants to make this project possible.
  • The School of Graduate Studies for facilitating and supporting the project development.

Questions & Feedback

Comments and feedback on the Toolkit can be offered here.

For questions regarding the Toolkit, please contact gsevent@mcmaster.ca 


McMaster University's Graduate Thesis Toolkit Copyright © by Kathleen Steeves; Jennifer Williams; and Samantha Clarke. All Rights Reserved.

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