10 Summary

It takes time, but over the years the rewards of building strong networks with Indigenous people and communities will pay off. The knowledge and experience that Indigenous partners can bring to your curriculum will greatly enrich the learning experiences for students. You will gain confidence as you learn about protocols and respectful interactions, and as you develop trusting and mutually beneficial relationships.

Key learnings from this section

  • Protocol refers to ways of interacting with Indigenous people that respect traditional ways of being. Protocols are unique to each Indigenous culture. You should learn as much as you can about local protocols.
  • Indigenization of the curriculum should be undertaken in collaboration with Indigenous people and communities.
  • As you build relationships, always remember that those relationships should be mutually beneficial and fairly compensated. Be extra conscious of respectful treatment of Elders.
  • If you make mistakes, learn from your mistakes and move on. Do not let the fear of making mistakes prevent you from engaging in the work of Indigenization.


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