Appendix B: “Teacher as Leader” Original Syllabus (Non-Indigenized)

Education ED –D410 Section A06

1: Thurs Sept 7, Introductions: Course Outline and Expectations

  • Decisions, Values & Beliefs; Values Audit
  • Codes of Ethics, Principles of Learning, Charter of Education
  • Assignment #A: Statement of Teaching Beliefs: Expectations, Exemplars and Evaluation Grids
  • Hot Topic: Sleep
  • Issues of Interest

2: Fri Sept 8, Teachers and the Teaching Profession; Ethical Decision-Making (part1)

  • Teacher Professionalism:
  • BCTRB Standards/BCTF Code of Ethics, BCPVPA Code of Ethics
  • Educational System Performance:
  • Assignment #B: Expectations, Exemplars and Evaluation Grids
  • Ethical Decision-Making in Schools (part 1)
  • Group work: Critical Analysis of Ethical Dilemmas

3: Mon Sept 11, Parental Roles in Education

  • 8:30 Presenter: Audrey Smith, president VDPAC, -Parents in Education
  • Parental roles and responsibilities/ the School Act
  • Parental Choice/Independent Schools
  • Connecting Points and Partnerships at every level of schooling
  • Parent scenarios – developing a vocabulary/ approach to working with parents
  • 10:45 Assignment #A: Peer editing session of Draft 1 Statement of Teaching Beliefs

4: Tues Sept 12, Governance and Leadership

  • Governance: Ministry of Ed., School Board, Politicians and Administrative Roles
  • Provincial & School District Governance in B.C.
  • Leadership in Schools
    Issue of Interest: Mom accuses School District of …….

5: Wed Sept 13, Directions in BC Education

  • 8:30 Presenter: Jennifer McRea, Ministry of Education – Current Ministry Directions
  • Update on current directions in BC Education
  • Alternate education paths for students, boundaries and partnerships
  • Review of TRB Standards

6: Thurs Sept 14 Teachers and the Law/Ethical Decision-Making

  • 8:30 Presenter: Mark Walsh – Legislation applying to the classroom teacher
  • The Law and Teachers; Statute/Common Law
  • Ethical decision-making (part 2). Review process/New Scenarios/Using Framework
    Group Work
    Issues of Interest

7: Fri Sept 15 Teacher Contracts/Challenging Situations in Schools and Classrooms

  • Teacher ‘Contract of Employment’: examination of sample (SD #63 Saanich)
  • provisions and opportunities for teachers in BC school districts
  • Bullying, Cell phones, Texting, Social Networking Issues in Schools
    Classroom Management: School Codes of Conduct
  • Marzano, Bennett, Gossen: language and frameworks
  • Secondary scenarios; Admin & District Roles in Discipline
  • Assignment A: Statement of Teaching Beliefs Draft 2 DUE to Course TA today

8: Mon Sept 18, Developing a Professional Identity /Certification

  • 8:30 TRB Representative, Peta Brookstone Professional Identity/Standards and Certification
    (This presentation will take the entire class)

9: Tues Sept 19 Resume Writing/Seeking Employment/International Schools

  • Interviewing for positions
  • 10:00 Presenter: Michelle Floyd, UVIC Career Services
  • Preparing a resume for applications to teaching positions and TTOC
    International School Positions

10: Wed Sept 20, Hiring Practices in School Districts/Positions in Remote Locations and Overseas

  • 8:30 Breanne Stoudt, Human Resources Dept., SD #63: processes to obtain TOC and contract appointments
  • Options in seeking employment. Positions in remote locations, overseas schools, International schools

11: Thurs Sept 21, Teachers and the Union/ Interviewing for a Position

  • 10:00 Glen Hansman, President BCTF
  • BCTF – The Union of Professionals supporting teachers
  • Interview questions, preparation and strategies
  • Assignment A: Statement of Teaching Beliefs: FINAL SUBMITTED to Instructor

12: Fri Sept 22, Interviewing continued/Course wrap-up

  • Mock Interview with professional interview panel and Course wrap-up
  • Assignment B: COMPLETE and SUBMITTED to Instructor


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