Key Concepts and Reflective Exercise

Click on the information icons on the image below to learn more about major sex and gender concepts.

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Reflective Exercise

Looking at the concepts above consider your own identity and expression within these categories.

  • Is this a difficult exercise?
  • Can you find the words to capture the nuances of your identity?

Consider also those in the case studies. Each individual is unique and valid. The identity, expression, sex, and orientation of an individual must be respected and cannot be criticized.

“Trans Broken Arm Syndrome”

The video below (7 minutes and 57 seconds) was created for trans* patients to advocate for themselves when seeking healthcare. We thought, however, that it would be meaningful for share this message with healthcare providers to help gain a better insight into the trans experience.


This video was created by Ben Haseen in 2021, and is licensed CC-BY on Youtube (please note that the creator and license is different than that of this Pressbook).



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