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Lesbian Woman: After saying I do not need birth control pills, my GP asked what form of birth control I was using. I said “I don’t sleep with men” to which he responded “good girl”. Nothing about a concern for STIs, as I assume he thought I was celibate.

Trans-feminine Person: I was told I was causing my own asexuality because of the estrogen pills I was taking. Asexuality is a thing. It’s not a hormone imbalance.

Genderqueer Person: I haven’t gone to the dentist in over 5 years because it’s just the most uncomfortable experience.

Pansexual Woman: I have had clinicians refer to my partner as my sister, my friend, and my daughter! Even after clearly stating otherwise. We are partners, and they are non-binary. Their assumptions are super invalidating.

Trans-masculine Non-binary Person: I had a skateboarding accident, and instead of going to the E.R., I wrapped my own arm at home and just hoped it wasn’t broken… that’s how bad my experiences have been. It’s just not worth it.


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