Vaccine Safety

Canada has one of the best vaccine safety programs in the world. There is a strong system in place to monitor the safety of vaccines. Every batch of vaccine is tested according to strict guidelines for safety and quality before it is used. After vaccines are given, severe or unusual reactions are monitored by public health agencies at the local, provincial, and national level.

Health professionals play an important role in the implementation and evaluation of vaccines throughout the vaccine life cycle. When health professionals are knowledgeable about the rigour of vaccine testing both pre and post-licensure, it positions them to have informed conversations with clients and respond to concerns related to vaccine safety. Before any vaccine is approved for use in Canada, it must meet numerous requirements including in-depth scientific reviews on efficacy, stability, teratogenicity, toxicity, and safety. After vaccines have been licensed for use, rigorous evaluation continues to ensure ongoing safety. Post-marketing surveillance of adverse events following immunization add to the continuous safety checks following vaccine licensure.




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