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Stevie D. Jonathan

In order to address the role research has played in past and present injustices, a growing body of literature on decolonizing and Indigenous methodologies has emerged, challenging existing power structures and processes of knowledge production. Decolonizing methodologies focus on building the self‐determination of communities, involving research that values Indigenous knowledge and methodologies (Lemke & Delormier, 2017; Tuhiwai Smith, 1999). Our research is guided by a sustainable self‐determination conceptual framework, which focuses on restoring Indigenous cultural responsibilities and relationships to land, each other, and the natural world (Corntassel, 2008). This framework privileges local revitalization efforts within the current sociopolitical context of colonialism, which continues to dispossess and disconnect Indigenous peoples from their lands and identities (Richmond & Ross, 2009). Additionally, our research builds upon discourses that translate theory to the everyday local practice of food sovereignty and the transmission of knowledge, including traditional knowledge. In other words: we have built on the research of our predecessors, in addition to our own research, to offer digestible ways in which Indigenous food sovereignty can be accomplished in our everyday lives. Decolonizing practices in food sovereignty and fostering relationships with traditional food systems create a feedback loop of practice, food sovereignty, food security, physical health, and community support, and reaffirms identity.

Semi-structured interviews, prioritizing a conversational approach (Archibald, 2008; Kovach, 2009), were conducted with several Haudenosaunee people within the Six Nations of the Grand River community, to gather community-based information on current Indigenous food sovereignty practices and the use of Indigenous foods in everyday life.


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