Introduction and Literature Review

1 Introduction

Stevie D. Jonathan

In 2020, Six Nations Polytechnic (SNP) asked the question, “What does Indigenous food sovereignty mean and what does that look like in our community?” Gathering and presenting knowledge within a localized context is an important component of the study’s operational framework. SNP looked to its community to observe food sovereignty practices, in response to the gap in Indigenous food systems literature. Interview and online surveys were conducted, leading to one major recommendation: that local education of food sovereignty, Indigenous foods, and practices overall must be achieved in order to promote these concepts in the lives of Six Nations members. There were key components interwoven within this recommendation. The first was that food sovereignty is a community effort, in practice and in knowledge transmission. The second was the importance of community sharing knowledge of Indigenous foods and our traditional practices, which is connected to our identity as Haudenosaunee peoples.


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