11 1. What’s Your Water Footprint?

Katie Maracle

This activity examines the connection between land, water, and traditional foods within Haudenosaunee societies. Learners are encouraged to select a version of the Haudenosaunee Creation Story prior to beginning the activity and reflect on the importance of water in that story. Water sustained all water life before there was land, sustained all life after there was land, and continues to sustain all life today. Water is life.

1. Research and read a version of the Haudenosaunee Creation Story.
2. Discuss the connection between water and traditional Haudenosaunee foods by answering these questions:
a. How is water connected to Haudenosaunee foods sovereignty?
b. What did Sky Woman need to survive on Turtle Island?
c. Is there any way Sky Woman could have survived without plants and water?
3. Research how the Haudenosaunee utilized water in the past.
4. Go to one (or both) websites below to calculate your water footprint:
5. Think of three ways you can reduce your water footprint.


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