7.4 Les Magasins D’alimentation


Use the table below to review the vocabulary words related to specialty food shops. Listen to the French pronunciations using the following audio recording.

Les magasins d’alimentation / Specialty food shops
French English
le supermarché supermarket
le marché farmer’s market
la fromagerie cheese shop
la boucherie butcher shop
la charcuterie deli
la poissonnerie fish shop
l’épicerie local grocery store
le dépanneur (QC) corner store
la boulangerie bakery
la pâtisserie pastry shop

 Le dépanneur

Les dépanneurs (also known as deps) are a type of corner store in Quebec. They are very popular given that they are always nearby, are open late, and sell beer, wine and food staples. The word comes from the French en panne, which means out of order or not working, so dépanneur would loosely translate as “get out of trouble” or “troubleshoot.”

Exercice 2: Les magasins d’alimentation

Complete the table below by writing in the items that you can buy at each of the specialty food shops. Don’t forget to include the correct partitive article.

Fill in the Blanks

  1. Á la boucherie-charcuterie, j’achète, de la viande.
  2. Au marché, tu achètes [blank 1 – article partitif] [blank 2 – produit(s)]
  3. Á la poissonnerie, il achète [blank 3 – article partitif] [blank 4 – produit(s)]
  4. Á la charcuterie, on achète [blank 5 – article partitif] [blank 6 – produit(s)]
  5. Á la boulangerie, nous achetons [blank 7 – article partitif] [blank 8 – produit(s)]
  6. Á la pâtisserie, vous achetez [blank 9 – article partitif] [blank 10 – produit(s)]
  7. Á l’épicerie, ils achètent [blank 11 – article partitif] [blank 12 – produit(s)]


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