1.3 Les Nombres 1 – 10


Use the table below to review the vocabulary words related to numbers. Listen to the French pronunciations using the following audio recording.

0 zéro
1 un
2 deux
3 trois
4 quatre
5 cinq
6 six
7 sept
8 huit
9 neuf
10 dix

Exercice 4: Numbers

Part A

What is the number that corresponds to each of the words below?

  • trois
  • huit
  • un
  • sept
  • neuf

Part B

What is the word that corresponds to the each of the numbers below?

  • 2
  • 5
  • 4
  • 10
  • 0

Part C

Turn to your neighbour and ask him/her for her telephone number. Don’t forget to include the area code!

Fill in the Blanks

You: Quel est ton numéro de téléphone? / What is your phone number?
Your Neighbour: Mon numéro est le [Blank 1]. My phone number is [Blank 1 repeated].

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