Unit 1: The Power of Storytelling

Activity 2: Resilience

Part A: Watch the Video

  1.  Watch the following video about 8 characteristics of resilient individuals.
  2.  Take notes while you watch in order to answer the questions in the following parts.


8 Things Resilient People Do

Resilience means not letting life knock you off your feet when things get tough. Being resilient is one of the best things we can practice in our daily lives. It can help us deal with everything from heartbreak to failure. However, let’s be real, it’s also one of the hardest things to actually practice. Resilient people may seem like an entirely different species with their thoughts well put together and life completely organized, but there are actually many behaviours and mindsets that are common among them. Want to know how you, too, can be resilient? Watch this video to find out!

Source: Psych2Go channel (YouTube)

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Part B: Reflection


Part C: Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

For your convenience, you can download an editable MS Word version of the activities to work on your device or print and fill by hand.

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