This Primer was collaboratively authored by over 30 Digital Humanities researchers, research assistants and data professionals and reflects the disciplinary-specific RDM instruction method developed for the SSHRC-funded partnership, the Spoken Web. Participants consented to having their authorship acknowledged as part of the collaborative document authoring process, and were informed of their inclusion as authors again before publication. We gratefully acknowledge our open peer-reviewers Jane Fry and Donna Langille for their commentary.


Constance Crompton (University of Ottawa)

Karis Shearer (University of British Columbia)

Matthew Lincoln (Carnegie Mellon University)

Mikhel Proulx (Concordia University)


Alex Gregory

Alex Wermer-Colan

Alexei Alexeev

Alicia Cappello

Andrea Fatona

Andreea Ritivoi

Augustine Farinola

Beth Knazook

Cynthia Heider

Deanna Reder

Ece Turnator

Erin Galt

Evonne Levy

Fatoumata Bah

Federico Pianzola

Katelin Parsons


Lauren Churilla

Lisa GoddardLorna Dawes

Maria Laura Flores Barba

Marie Noël

Martha Attridge Bufton

Megan Toye

Monique Grenier

Nadine Valcin

Paul Albert

Sally Hadden

Samuel Mickelson

Sarah Simpkin

Shahira Khair

Stefan Higgins

Yann Ryan

Victoria Sciancalepore



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