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Data Analytics is a rapidly-evolving field applicable to many business, engineering, and computer science workplace contexts. Open educational resources are more likely to be better options than costly, traditional commercial textbooks that become outdated rapidly. The digital content in this new online course, Data Analytics and Decision Making, introduces learners to fundamental concepts of data analytics and their application in decision making. The emphasis is on the utilization of practical analytic tools in a complex engineering management environment. Topics covered include careers in data analytics; data types, formats, and repositories; big data and cloud computing; stages of data analytics; descriptive analytics; predictive analytics, including statistical learning and machine learning; and prescriptive analytics with decision-making examples.

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Learning Objectives

At the end of the course, the successful student will know and be able to:

  1. describe different career paths in data analysis
  2. identify different data types, formats, and repositories
  3. identify different ways to select the variables for data analysis
  4. explain prediction algorithms and apply them appropriately
  5. explain classification algorithms and apply them appropriately implementation
  6. evaluate data analytical models using cross validation

Course Need

The course will be offered within the curriculum of graduate degree programs in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Windsor such as: Master of Engineering, Master of Applied Science, and Master of Engineering Management.  The modular design of the course will allow future alignments with other programs.

Labor Market Need

Today’s labor market, namely for engineering graduates, demands data analytics skills. Employers are increasingly requiring candidates to be able to deal with large amount of data and be able to interpret and utilize data in decision making. To further verify this market need, we have conducted a labor market analysis ( and scanned skills required for jobs with Above Average job outlook for 2017- 2021 such as: computer network technicians, computer and info systems managers, info systems analytics, system consultants and database analysts. Data-related skills were demanded in these jobs.

Need for Online Format

The technical nature of the course lends it the strong potential to be delivered online with high quality. In Summer 2022, this course will be offered for the first time as a required course (GENG-8050) in the Master of Engineering Management program that attracts full-time working professionals. Hence, offering it in a virtual format (fully or partially) adds to  programming flexibility.


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