Assignment 1

Analyze an Insurance Charge Dataset

Use the dataset, Case_Insurance.csv to answer the following questions:

  • Does sex impact the insurance charges?
  • Identify the most impactful factor on insurance charges



Consider the fact that not everyone identifies within a binary of male/female or man/woman. For the purposes of this assignment, we are using the word “sex” to refer to the physiology of the person. A better word to use may be “gender.”  This is because preconceived notions and biases associated with gender, rather than solely the physiology of the person, has been proven to affect health insurance rates and access to health services more generally.

To learn more about these issues, read

Katherine Hay, M. A., et. al. (2019). “Disrupting Gender Norms in Health Systems: Making the Case for Change,” Lancet, 393 (10190), pp. 2535-2549.




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