This project was developed with funding from the Government of Ontario and eCampusOntario Virtual Learning Strategy.

Data Analytics was developed by Prof. Ali AbdulHussein (Odette School of Business) in collaboration with Dr. Bahman Naderi (Faculty of Engineering) at the University of Windsor. Dr. Bahman contributed draft presentation slides, labs and tutorials, and assignments for the course.

Dr. Nobuko Fujita (Office of Open Learning) provided instructional design support, and Dr. Chris Teplovs recorded the lecture videos.

Dr. Beth Robertson contributed her Equity, Diversity, Decolonization, and Inclusion (EDDI) expertise in reviewing the course materials and providing advice.

Sakshi Arora, our student partner specializing in the Business Analytics stream. Odette Master of Management,  contributed to editing data analytics equations for accessibility and multimedia production and post production.

Shreyas Tambe (Office of Open Learning) provided support for video production and post-production.

Patrick Carnevale (OOL Co-op Student; School of Computer Science) provided graphic design support on Dr. Naderi’s slides.

Current students in the Master of Management Program, Mayank Ghai, Hasib Imam, Muhammad Shahid, and Spencer Stinson, contributed to the creation of the course by providing feedback on the use of data analytics in their professional engineering contexts and experiences with online learning.

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