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Dr. Mahbub Hasan is very passionate about community development and teaching. He is a Professor in the Community Services Department at Centennial College. Hasan has 23 years of experience in community development, community organizing and leadership, international development, and project management, and nine years of experience in teaching and academic advising at Centennial College. He also teaches at the School of Social Work at Toronto Metropolitan University.

Community Development Practice: From Canadian and Global Perspectives aims to promote social justice and community-led initiatives to address poverty, hunger, marginalization, and inequalities in Canada and across the globe. Therefore, Hasan has created this open educational resource for empowering learners and communities across the world.

He studied Bachelor’s and Master’s of Social Worker at Toronto Metropolitan University, formerly Ryerson University. He has a Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Dhaka. He studied project management and communications at the University of Toronto and received various training in community engagement, volunteer management, community organizing, leadership, and grant writing from York University, FLACSO Ecuador, Centennial College, CARE, ActionAid, and VSO International.

As an international development professional, he worked with ActionAid, VSO International, and CIDA from 1998 to 2010 and worked with various communities in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. At ActionAid International, he worked with partners and affiliates in Asia and Europe and worked together to address hunger, poverty, and inequalities and transform the lives of children, women, and marginalized people. In this phase of work, he learned and practiced the human rights-based approach, fundraising, grant writing, community needs assessment, program development, and project cycle management. In Toronto, he worked with the Council of Agencies Serving South Asians as Project Coordinator and executed various community engagement projects and campaigns during 2011-15. While working with the University of Toronto, he supported immigrant engineers and advocated for their licensing in Ontario. Currently, he is a Program Advisor at BCS and supports their program development and fundraising. In this book, Hasan has defined concepts, described process tools and framework, and shared his stories based on his learning and work experience in Community Development in Canada and across the world.

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Photo: Mahbub Hasan

His research and training interests lie in anti-oppression, human rights, civil resistance, community engagement, livelihoods, housing, and gentrification. He authored books and articles on indigenous livelihoods, grassroots journalism, and civil resistance. He won US ICNC curriculum Fellowship award in 2015. He also received awards in 2018 from Centennial College and Ryerson University for his contribution to social justice and experiential learning. He is the host of Podcasting Social Work and created episodes on community engagement, social policy, community development, and social work practices.

Finally, he cares about students, communities, and social workers worldwide. We are confident that his book Community Development Practice will enhance readers’ interests in social justice and community development work and generate discussions among learners and practitioners.


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