Midwife as Educator

Edited by:
Michelle Butler, PhD, MSc, BSc, RM, RN
Executive Dean
Faculty of Science and Health
Dublin City University

9. Health Education & Promotion

How has parent education evolved for the 21st century? How can midwives lead effective groups for mothers, fathers and co-parents? We explore many activities and learning outcomes that midwives might employ in their client education programmes.

10. Approaches to Midwifery Education

What are the standards for developing midwifery education programs internationally? How can faculty keep the individual needs of their students at the heart of midwifery education? We examine the methods used to assess the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the future midwife.

11. The Academic Midwife: Scholar, Educator, Researcher

Does the midwife scholar have an obligation to contribute both to the midwifery agenda and to the wider academic agenda? We consider the development of midwifery scholarship over recent decades and how this has shaped midwifery.


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