Collaboration Case Study

Collaboration for Climate Change Adaptation in the Wolastoq River, New Brunswick

Simon J. Mitchell, Vice President Resilient Habitats, World Wildlife Fund-Canada, has been leading collaborative relationships between WWF-Canada and local actors in the Wolastoq River Basin for almost ten years in order to address a variety of pressing environmental concerns surrounding river health. Recently, they have collaborated with multiple municipalities to produce regional climate change adaptation plans.



Overview of WWF’s collaboration in the Wolastoq

What circumstances led to the initiation of the initiative?

Small municipalities were concerned about the impacts of climate change but did not have the capacity to address climate change at the local level. WWF-Canada, having worked in the region for some time, was in a position to facilitate relationships to begin collaborative regional vulnerability assessments.

Who is involved?

World Wildlife Fund – Canada in collaboration with municipalities in the region.

What are the outcomes?

Vulnerability assessments have been completed, and adaptation plans are ongoing with the explicit goal of implementation.




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