This project is a collaboration between three Ontario post-secondary institutions – Brock University, College Boréal and McMaster University – in an effort to provide more flexibility and authenticity in online assessments for our learners. Collectively, we have a deep commitment to higher education, and acknowledge the grounds on which we are privileged to do this work:

We are also grateful to the following contributors from three Ontario postsecondary institutions (presented in alphabetical order):

  • Brock University
    • Maureen Connolly and Giulia Forsythe
  • College Boréal
    • Danny Minor, Miranda McKenzie (now at Laurentian University) and Liane Romain
  • McMaster University
    • Samantha Duncan (now at Coastal Carolina University), Joanne Kehoe, Kris Knorr, Chris Nash, Sevda Montakhaby Nodeh and Devon Mordell

We also wish to thank eCampusOntario for their support of our work. This project is made possible with funding by the Government of Ontario and through eCampusOntario’s support of the Virtual Learning Strategy. To learn more about the Virtual Learning Strategy visit:



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