19 Case Analysis: Accident Risk Factors

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This activity simulates a visit to a client’s home and how a health care profession would evaluate it for risk factors.

Student Instructions (Example from Course)


You work for Domicile Boréal. As a care provider, you need to ensure that your client’s environment is safe. In this activity, you will analyze the environment of one of your clients who presents several risks that could contribute to an accident. It’s up to you to screen them and determine how you can change their environment to make it safe.

  1. In your textbook, read the following sections of Chapter 22 “Safety” (note this course used Sorrentino, S. A., Remmert, L. and Wilk, M. J. (2018). Mosby’s Canadian Textbook and Workbook for the Support Worker (package) (4th Edition). Elsevier.)
    • Accident Risk Factors
    • Identifying the Client
    • Safety Measures at Home and in the Workplace
    • Preventing Suffocation
    • Preventing Accident with Equipment
    • Preventing Fires
    • Download the document Analysis of a Client’s Environment and do the assignment presented in it.
  2. Analysis of a client’s environment

You arrive at your client’s house and when you enter, you are a little shocked by the scene. The Stay Safe poster from the Government of Canada is the image used for this assignment which represents an environment you encountered during your visit.

Analyze the image in order to identify eight (8) risk factors for the client.

  1. Indicate the accident risk factors that you have identified
  2. For each risk factor, determine how you could eliminate it.

Technology Used

Computer, Word processing software (or other Microsoft software), Learning platform (Brightspace)

Facilitation tips / Student feedback

Students appreciate the activity since it is as close as possible to a real home visit with a client.

It is necessary to ensure that the images used are described well for accessibility reasons, and that they represent objects or situations that simulate the reality which the care provider could be facing.


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