Icons Legend

Legend of Icons that are used in this eTextbook.
Icon Title Icon Meaning Description Icon Image
Challenge / Game An opportunity to challenge your understanding or to engage in a game related to a concept or topic.  Challenge  / Game
Complete Tasks Tasks or activities to be completed to consolidate understanding and skills.  Complete Tasks
Discussion An opportunity to discuss a concept or a topic with your peers.  Discussion
Explore Further Resources Additional resources that can be used to further explore a concept or topic.  Explore Further Resources
Listen to Podcast Additional articles, studies, etc. that can be read to learn more about a concept or topic.  Listen to Podcast
Important Items that you should take note of that are useful to help with understanding a particular concept or topic.  Important
Learning Outcomes What you should know or be able to do after reading a chapter and having engaged in the related activities for that chapter. Learning Outcomes
Peer Collaboration Activities that you can work on with your peers. Peer Collaboration
Presentation A link to information from a presentation or in presentation format.  Presentation
Questions Questions that can be used to self-check your understanding or skill level.  Questions
Quiz An opportunity to test your skills and understanding.  Quiz
Research A link to research on a concept or a topic or items that may require further research.  Research
Suggestions Items that are suggestions for further thought or study.  Suggestions
Think Items that may require additional thought and consideration.  Think
Watch Video A video resource that provides information related to a concept or topic being discussed. Watch Video


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