52 Test Yourself

Now that you have completed this chapter, it’s time to test your knowledge. Try to answer the following questions. Write your answers down on a piece of paper.


1. Match each person with the estimated SpO2.

Healthy adolescent                              92% SpO2

Adult with lung disease                       95% SpO2

80-year-old adult                                 97% SpO2


2. A client’s oxygen saturation is measured via pulse oximetry using a finger probe. The radial pulse does not coincide with the pulse displayed on the oximeter. How should the healthcare provider respond?

a. Notify the most responsible provider

b. Document the findings in the client’s chart

c. Assume the client has hypoxic tissue injury

d. Repeat the measurements using an earlobe probe


3. The physician asks for an oxygen saturation report on a client who has peripheral limb tremors. What is the best location to place the probe?

a. Ear

b. Toe

c. Finger

d. Thumb


4. A person’s oxygen saturation is 89% and the pulse displayed on the pulse oximeter is aligned with the radial pulse. How should the healthcare provider respond?

a. Give oxygen to the client

b. Raise up the head of the client’s bed

c. Ask the client, “are you having any difficulty breathing?”

d. Note this finding as normal and continue with assessment


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