Accessibility Statement 

Technical Communications was developed with the intent to be an open and accessible educational resource to be inclusive and barrier-free for all learners. It was developed under the applied accessibility standards of WCAG 2. AA


This resource has been published using Pressbooks which provides inclusive design in their textbook templates as well as a variety of exportable formats. All text–based features in this resource use headers, accessible fonts, sizing and contrasting colours. Formats of this resource are available for people who use screen-reader technology. In addition to this Pressbooks web version of Technical Communications, this resource is available in the following formats from eCampusOntario:

  • PDF (for print)
  • PDF (for digital distribution) 
  • EPUB 2.01 
  • EPUB 3 
  • XHTML 
  • HTML Book 
  • OpenDocument 
  • WordPress XML 
  • Pressbooks XML 


Each section of this resource includes a video lecture. All speech content and relevant non-speech content in each video has been captioned. This means that video subtitles representing all audio that is synchronized with video content are available to turn on and off in the right-corner of the video player (CC symbol). There are video transcripts of each lecture linked in a PDF file below each video player.


Assessments have been developed for each section using H5P modules. H5P aims to meet WCAG 2.0 standards with their software. This course uses multiple choice questions, true or false and text-based exercises as a means of assessment.

Questions About Accessibility:

If you have any questions or issues concerning the accessibility of Technical Communications, please reach out to eCampus Ontario ( to request contact information for this resource.



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