8 Interviews

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the importance of making a good impression in an interview
  • Recognize common interview questions asked in any field
  • Compare different communication styles in an interview setting
  • Analyze your own communication style – strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify key points to improve communication in an interview

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Technical Communication Tips: Be Yourself!


Recommended Exercise:

Before advancing to the next chapter, try the following exercise.

The best way to learn how to communicate in an interview is practice! Develop your confidence and skills with an improvisational game of conversational telephone. Find a friend that wants to practice too, and whom you can speak  out loud with.

Here are the steps:

Start the exercise with a simple statement. Your friend should answer back with a statement beginning with the end of your previous statement. For example, if you say “I chose to work in the field of art and design, because I enjoy creative problem solving”, your friend could reply, “Creative problem solving is a great skill to have, I’m sure your role also involves strategic thinking and communication” and you would pick up on their points, and they on yours, back and forth for several rounds if you can.

This exercise can help you with active listening, quickly adapting, and responding with consideration to the conversation!




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