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GC Overview of delivery modes

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In a GC Flex course, there are three ways to participate: in-person, live online (synchronous) and online on your own time (asynchronous). Learn more about each mode below.


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Similar to traditional classroom learning, you may attend class in-person. Your teacher will be physically present in your GC Flex classroom, which is equipped with special technology to allow students to login and attend class from other locations. In-person attendees may interact with classmates who are attending class online. The class will be recorded.

What to expect

Because you and other students have a choice of how to attend each week, the number of attendees may vary from session to session. If you attend in-person classes, it's recommended that you bring a personal device (laptop, phone, tablet, etc.) with headphones and a mic that can connect to the Teams meeting so you'll be able interact with online participants if needed.

  • Strengths: real-time interaction with teacher and other students
  • Challenges: location and time are fixed

Online synchronous

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For a variety of reasons, you may wish to attend a scheduled class virtually. GC Flex technology allows registered students the opportunity to login to a live classroom session through the MS Teams platform. Virtual students can actively interact in the learning experience by listening to lectures, engaging in classroom discussions, and participating in other activities. Teachers have the ability to create virtual breakout rooms, allowing for small group learning activities throughout the live session. The class will be recorded.

What to expect

If you choose to login to a session, you'll require minimum standards of technology and connectivity. It's your responsibility to ensure you can connect. It's highly recommended that you connect to the MS Teams meeting 10 to15 mins prior to class start time to ensure you can connect properly and be ready to begin class. If you have difficulty connecting, you can call IT Support at 705.728.1968, ext 1732.

Important: Your teacher can't help you with connection issues and class will begin and progress as scheduled. Classes are recorded, so you'll have the opportunity to review the recorded session and access any materials that may be missed if you experience technical difficulties.

  • Strengths: ability to participate live whenever internet connection is available, real-time interaction with teacher and other students
  • Challenges: unreliable internet connection may prevent participation, access to a distraction-limited environment

Online asynchronous

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If you prefer to control the time, place and pace of your learning, you may choose to follow along with this course fully online. Weekly learning and assignments will be posted on Blackboard. You'll have access to class recordings. It's important to know that assignments and tests will still have due dates set by the teacher!

What to expect

This option gives you the greatest flexibility, but it also comes with responsibility.  If you choose not to attend a live class, it's up to you to keep up with the weekly learning activities online. All requirements will be posted on Blackboard and you're expected to complete your assignments by the due dates posted.

  • Strengths: flexibility to participate when convenient during the week
  • Challenges: inability to ask questions during the time of class, limited ability to sense body language, expressions, tone of voice


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