Tips for success in GC Flex programs

Below you’ll find a variety of things you can do to prepare for and participate in a live (synchronous) online class.



Bull horn announcement.

Check Blackboard and/or your college email account for important messages and updates from faculty.

Office hours

Computer screen with person and chat bubble

Faculty may offer virtual office hours throughout the semester. Check your Blackboard courses for specific details.


Envelope with @

You'll need to check your Georgian email and use it to communicate with faculty and other students.

Preparing for a live (synchronous) class

Prepare workspace

Clock with arrows around it

Create a routine that works for you.
Organize your desk, ensure an
appropriate background (use
replace/blur functions when available),
and orient your computer and chair

Are you ready?

Person icon

Dress and act as you would for class.
During the call, minimize distractions
and prepare to learn.

Create a backup plan

Wifi icon

Be as prepared as you can in case of
internet or connectivity issues. Find out
the call-in phone number in advance.
Make sure your computer and/or devices
are charged.

Internet-use schedule

icon for set date and time

Schedule your time. If you share an
internet connection with others, let them
know when you'll need to use it to
prevent connection disruptions.

Microphone/video conduct

Microphone icon

Know class conduct expectations. Would
your instructor like you to have your
microphone and/or video on? What is the
class policy for ‘raising’ your hand? If you're unsure, keep your video off and
microphone muted until instructed

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During a live (synchronous) class



Be prompt. Log into the call early (if
possible) or exactly on time. Late
entrances are especially distracting in
online classes.


icon for in-person participation

Be involved. When instructed, speak
clearly into your microphone. Use chat
features to ask questions. Contribute
constructively, in a manner relevant to
the current discussion.

Use headphones

icon for device requirements

Headphones optimize sound,
eliminate feedback, reduce background
noise, and prevent distractions. Mute
your microphone when you're not

Be clear and concise

Use appropriate language.

Avoid using
informal or casual language, including
sarcasm. Treat chats as public forums,
not personal chats. Unless otherwise
instructed, type in full sentences with
proper grammar and avoid the use of

Class recordings

No recording

Always obtain consent. Never record
online activity without receiving
permission in advance. This applies to
any data capture of course content,
including audio and video recording
through your computer, phone, or any

Be respectful

People icons with chat bubbles

Respect your peers, instructor, and the
course content. Ensure all your
comments are thoughtful. Focus on the
task at hand and avoid distracting the
class with irrelevant or off-topic
questions or comments.

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Tips for attending your virtual classroom

Please check out this article posted on the student portal. These tips are aligned with the Student Code of Conduct, which applies to all classrooms, whether online or in-person.

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