2 Student Death – Cemetery Register

The next few chapters of this ebook deal with student illness and death in Residential Schools.

This information can often be upsetting. If you are experiencing distress please contact the Indian Residential School Crisis Line at 1-866-925-4419

The collection of this information is a work in progress. If you know of someone who passed away at Shingwauk and is buried in the cemetery there, or you see incorrect information here, please contact the Shingwauk Residential Schools Centre. Work to identify unmarked burials is ongoing.

Student death in Residential Schools can be a difficult subject to talk about, but it is an important one. Out of the 150,000 students who attended Residential Schools across Canada, at least 3,000 of them died, with researchers estimating that the actual number may be far greater (Truth and Reconciliation Commission, 2015Wiles, 2015). Ongoing investigations into unmarked burials at Residential Schools in Canada have found approximately 1300 graves, with this number constantly increasing. Many of these deaths were unreported, or if reported included very minimal information, often leaving out the cause of death and the name of the student (Truth and Reconciliation Commission, 2015). In many cases, parents were not told what happened to their children and were left to wonder what became of them when they never came home.

Understanding the impact this had on other students and Indigenous communities is important to understanding the Residential School Legacy. When the Truth and Reconciliation Commission was conducting their research, they wrote a 255 page report dedicated just to Missing Children and Unmarked Burials, even though the topic was not originally part of their mandate (Truth and Reconciliation Commission, 2015). The National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation has picked up this work and has created a memorial register to honour those who died at Residential Schools.

All Residential Schools had a cemetery associated with them, but not only are few of them still visible, many have been completely lost with their locations unknown. Shingwauk is one of the few exceptions in that its location is know, grave markers are still visible, and a cemetery register exists. After Shingwauk closed in 1970, the cemetery fell into a state of disrepair and vandalism, and when Survivors returned in 1981, many of the student grave markers, most of which were wooden, had been lost. A fund was started by the Survivors to pay for ongoing maintenance of the cemetery and for the erection of a memorial cairn, dedicated to all who are buried in the cemetery.

Currently Survivors from Shingwauk are working with the City of Sault Ste Marie to erect a memorial in Snowdon Park acknowledging the children who drowned in the lake which used to occupy that space.


Statistics based on known burials in the Shingwauk Cemetery

Total number of burials: 120

Visible markers: 23 (representing 29 burials)

Total number of students: 73 (60%), plus 4 former students

Student age range: 7-19 years old

Average age of students when they passed: 12 years old

Common causes of death: Tuberculosis and related illnesses (49%), pneumonia (8.5%), drowning (8.5%), brain related illnesses (7%), typhoid fever (7%)

List of student home communities by region:

Southwestern Ontario (42%)- Moraviantown, Muncey, Sarnia, Walpole Island, Brantford

Manitoulin Island (12%)- Little Current, Sheguiandah, Sheshegwaning, Sucker Creek, Whitefish River

Mid-Ontario (12%) – Cape Croker, Rama, Saugeen, Christian Island

Quebec (8%)- Kahnawake, Oka, St. Regis

Northeastern Ontario (8%) – Michipicoten, Missanabie, Spanish River

Northwestern Ontario (8%) – Fort William, Lake Nipigon

Alberta (1%) – Blackfoot Crossing

Name Date of Death Approx. Age Cause of Death Home Community Role Notes
Mabel Laurie Wilson Sep 30, 1873 11 months Pneumonia Sault Ste. Marie Staff family Originally buried in Collingwood, body later moved to Shingwauk Cemetery; Marker present
Hannah Weezhoo Jan 30, 1876 13 Brain disease Walpole Island Student
Solomon Corning May 18, 1876 8 Tuberculosis Sarnia Student
Susan Stratton Keys Apr 30, 1876 18 Heart failure Sault Ste. Marie Community member Also worked for the Wilson’s as a nurse; Marker present
baby Stratton Nov 5, 1876 Sault Ste. Marie Community member
John Rodd Nov 28, 1877 16 Cerebro spinal meningitis Sarnia Student Marker present
Frederick Oshkapukeda May 17, 1879 15 Tuberculosis Lake Nipigon Student
Louis Morris Minwahsin Sep 18, 1879 13 Tuberculosis Michipicoten Student
Louisa Stratton (Elliot) Sep 1, 1881 65 Community member Marker present; wife of William Stratton who donated the land for the cemetery
Sarah Fauquier Nov 4, 1881 Sault Ste. Marie Bishop’s wife Died in New York State, buried at Shingwauk Spring 1882; Marker present
Frederick Dawson Fauquier Dec 7, 1881 64 Sault Ste. Marie Bishop of Algoma Died in Toronto, buried at Shingwauk Spring 1882; Marker present
Charlie Penahsewa Jan 4, 1882 11 Typhoid fever Sheshegwaning Student
Benjamin Beaconsfield Chegauns Jan 16, 1882 14 Tuberculosis Michipicoten Student
Peter Jacobs Feb 8, 1882 9 Sarnia Student
William Saguhcheway May 16, 1882 19 Inflammation of the bowels Walpole Island Student Marker present
Simon Altman Jun 4, 1882 11 Pneumonia Walpole Island Student
Martha Mark Apr 1, 1885 8 Tuberculosis Christian Island Student
Annie Howe Knight Sep 7, 1885 7 Tuberculosis Community member Marker present
Matilda Esquimau Feb 18, 1886 5 mo. Possibly the daughter of John Esquimau or Joseph Esquimau
Charles Mortimer Greene Jan 23, 1888 1 Clergy family Marker present
Jane Warner Mar 3, 1888 10 Walpole Island Student
Henry Guy Austin Apr 9, 1888 Community member Marker present
David Etukitsininani Apr 23, 1888 17 Tuberculosis Blackfoot Crossing, Alberta Student Wilson brought him and another Blackfoot boy to Shingwauk after the Northwest Rebellion in 1885
Florence Pritchard Jan 12, 1889 Infant Community member
Peter Jones Stone Feb 26, 1889 11 Scrofula Student
Mary Kadah Sep 8, 1889 17 Sheshegwaning Student
Blanche Madden Jan 7, 1890 5 Staff family Daughter of school carpenter
Asa Peters May 6, 1890 10 Tuberculosis Walpole Island Student
Josephine Sampson May 23, 1890 14 Tuberculosis Sheshegwaning Student
Edward Waukay Jun 3, 1890 17 Tuberculosis Cape Croker Student
Caroline Waukay Jun 9, 1890 11 Tuberculosis Cape Croker Student
William Esquimau Apr 2, 1891 11 Tuberculosis Little Current Student
Mary Petuhwepejhik Dec 13, 1891 12 Sheshegwaning Student
Llwellyn Jackson Jul 10, 1893 10 Sarnia Student
John Clifford Madden Aug 13, 1896 Infant Cholera Community member Marker present
Andrew Stacey May 19, 1897 11 Drowning Kahnawake Student Drowned in the river while rafting
William Stratton Dec 27, 1898 82 Old age Community member Donated the land for the cemetery
Robert White May 1, 1899 19 Pneumonia Walpole Island Student
Alexander Knaggs Jun 30, 1899 14 Pneumonia Walpole Island Student
William Stonefish Mar 13, 1901 14 Typhoid fever Moraviantown Student
Mary Semo Mar 6, 1902 15 Tuberculosis St. Regis Student
Isaac Shebahgezhis Sep 9, 1902 10 Tuberculosis Spanish River Student
Isaac Kezhihgobinis Oct 3, 1902 12 Typhoid fever Sucker Creek Student
Henry Kechego May 21, 1903 12 Tuberculosis Muncey Student
Albert Penance Jul 30, 1903 14 Heart failure Walpole Island Student
Isaac Thomas Mar 5, 1904 12 Tuberculosis Walpole Island Student
Elliot Sampson Nov 3, 1904 14 Tuberculosis Walpole Island Student
Simon Jacobs Feb 22, 1905 19 Tuberculosis Moraviantown Student
Julia Jacobs Apr 6, 1905 13 Tuberculosis Walpole Island Student
Lawson Musouesh Kodawa Oct 9, 1905 14 Tuberculosis Whitefish River Student
Sam Skilliter Dec 9, 1905 7 Typhoid fever Fort William Student
Julia Masug Feb 15, 1906 13 Congestion of brain Walpole Island Student
Andrew Johnson Mar 7, 1906 17 Tuberculosis and typhoid fever Walpole Island Student
Dora Isaacs/Jacobs Mar 27, 1906 13 Tuberculosis Walpole Island Student
Edward Wilfred Lacelle May 7, 1906 1 Meningitis Community member Marker present; child of former students Michael Lacelle and Jennie Sims
Frank Grey Jan 14, 1907 7 Meningitis Sarnia Student
Jacob Grey Apr 30, 1907 9 Peritonitis Sarnia Student
Willis R. Fisher Jan 14, 1911 15 Tuberculosis Sarnia Student Died at the hospital
Peter Stacey Jul 30, 1911 20 Drowning Kahnawake Former student Was working as a miner at time of death, drowned near Bellevue Park
Frank Spaniel Mar 14, 1912 17 Tuberculosis Spanish River Student
Sinclair Spaniel Mar 15, 1912 15 Tuberculosis Spanish River Student
Leslie E. Fuller Nov 26, 1912 16 Cerebral embolism Staff family Marker present
baby McGillivray Mar 9, 1912 still born
Lucy Kezhekobsuse Jan 14, 1913 10 Tuberculosis Whitefish River Student
Thomas S. Skilliter Jul 12, 1913 18 Tuberculosis Fort William Student
Fred Manitochens Nov 18, 1913 Tuberculosis Lake Nipigon Student Marker present; Last name also listed as Fuller or Michael. Buried in the Fuller plot under the last name Michael
Isaac Bell Cornwall Jun 22, 1914 85 Old age Staff Gardener at Shingwauk
Andrew Wahcaneh Jan 10, 1916 18 Tuberculosis Muncey Student
Ruby Curley Mar 2, 1916 9 Tuberculosis meningitis Brantford Student
Wilfred Lacelle Jun 25, 1916 7 Pneumonia Community member Marker present; child of former students Michael Lacelle and Jennie Sims
Carrie Vincent Apr 18, 1917 7 Tuberculosis Missanabie Student
Mary A. Fuller Sep 10, 1917 51 Pernicious anemia Staff Marker present
Margaret Emery Feb 12, 1918
Kathleen Manitochens Nov 18, 1918 14 Lake Nipigon Student Marker present; Last name also listed as Fuller or Michael. Buried in the Fuller plot under last name Michael
Charles Ningishkung Feb 9, 1919 13 Pneumonia Rama Student
Frank Oshkapukeda Feb 13, 1919 13 Pneumonia Lake Nipigon Student
Solomon Kahgee Jul 18, 1919 12 Tuberculosis Saugeen Student
Mary Tobico Jul 1, 1923 14 Tuberculosis Saugeen Student
Roy Richards May 11, 1924 15 Tuberculosis Student
Ida Annie McNeil Jan 18, 1925 50 Staff Marker present
Evelyn Boonus/Barnes Mar 13, 1927 14 Endocarditis Saugeen Student
Percival Lacelle Aug 20, 1928 16 Tuberculosis Community member Marker present; child of former students Michael Lacelle and Jennie Sims
Gowan Gilmor Sep 1, 1928 78 Old age Clergy Marker present
Daniel Wandubeesh c. 1929 Christian Island Student
Peter Beauvais Nov 20, 1929 8 Drowning Oka Student Drowned in the pond behind the cemetery
Louise Isaac Dec 30, 1929 12 Tuberculosis Ground Hog Student
Lily Nicholas Feb 15, 1936 14 Scarlet fever Quebec Student
Myrtle Riley Jun 6, 1936 15 Tubercular meningitis Student Possibly buried at Walpole Island not Shingwauk
Norma Soney Oct 29, 1937 10 Pneumonia Walpole Island Student Possibly buried in Wallaceburg not Shingwauk
Maurice John Greaves Dec 6, 1937 25 Strep Staff Marker present
Howard Greenbird Dec 10, 1937 7 Whooping cough Walpole Island Student
Mary Martin Dec 16, 1937 7 Tubercular meningitis Oka Student
Lulu Margaret Bottrell Feb 9, 1938 Staff Matron from 1914-1935; Marker present
Beulah Henry Nov 18, 1938 13 Appendicitis Muncey Student
Alfred Greaves Feb 15, 1940 61 Brain abscess Clergy Died at Muskoka Hospital for Consumptives; Marker present
Dudley Shilling Aug 15, 1940 16 Drowning Rama Student
Leo Eugene Kicknosway May 8, 1942 15 Acute dilation of stomach Walpole Island Student
Doreen Wilson Sep 8, 1942 14 Brain abscess Quebec Student
Fred Nahwahgezhik Nov 2, 1943 15 Rheumatic fever and pancarditis Sheguiandah Student
Benjamin Philip Fuller Dec 7, 1945 81 Intestinal obstruction Principal Died on Manitoulin Island; Marker present
Agnes McGraw Oct 28, 1950 Clergy family
Jennie Lacelle Jan 11, 1951 64 Little Current Former student
Michael Lacelle Sep 5, 1951 69 Moraviantown Former student
Alice Elizabeth Fuller Apr 14, 1955 86 Staff family Marker present
Francis Betram Wilson Dec 11, 1956 86 Staff family Rev. Wilson’s son; died in England, ashes scattered in the cemetery
Seymour Hayes Jun 24, 1957 73 Staff Farmer at Shingwauk
Annie Morrow Sep 28, 1967 Clergy family
Margaret H. Greaves 1967 79 Clergy family Marker present
Helena Ann Hayes Mar 18, 1973 Staff family
Benna Fuller Jan 28, 1977 89 Stroke Staff Marker present
Noel Dean Thomas Jan 8, 1983 70 Clergy family Cremains; Marker present
Dorothy Lillian Ford Aug 19, 1983 Staff Cremains
Jean Ursula Thomas Aug 27, 1991 78 Clergy family Cremains; Marker present
Charlotte Thomas-Dinelle (Hayward) Oct 17, 2004 71 Community member Grand-daughter of former students Michael Lacelle and Jennie Sims
Donald Sands Jun 28, 2002 74 Walpole Island Former student Died at home in California, ashes spread at Shingwauk
Peggy Greaves Sep 3, 2009 82 Clergy family Marker present
Lloyd Bannerman Nov 10, 2014 99 Algoma University faculty Marker present
Wilfred Greaves Mar 27, 2016  94 Clergy family Marker present
? ? ? Drowning Student Drowned in the pond behind the cemetery, body never recovered
? ? ? Drowning Student Drowned in the pond behind the cemetery, body never recovered



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