Unit 1: Writing Content

WRIT Course Learning Outcomes (LO) Addressed

  • IDENTIFY author, source title, audience, and thesis in written prompts (LO 1).
  • INTERPRET audience, purpose, and tone in written prompts (LO 2).
  • DEVELOP reliable critical thinking and critical reading strategies (LO 3).
  • SUMMARIZE the arguments of written prompts (LO 4).
  • EVALUATE supporting evidence for arguments (LO 5).
  • EXPRESS a clear written argument (LO 7).
  • PROVIDE evidence in support of arguments (LO 8).

Rubric Spotlight


  • Creating a sophisticated thesis claim
  • Providing persuasive assertions that fully support the thesis claim
  • Offering sound and specific proofs that fully support assertions
  • Writing a clear and detailed summary


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