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Read the information on the Oral Communication Strand (pp. 11-12 in hard copy) of the Ontario Curriculum Language.

What are the essential principles provided in this passage regarding the teaching of oral communication?

Exploring Resources

Use the sources below as a starting point to find resources that will help teachers to implement the Oral Communication Strand of the Ontario Curriculum – Language.

These sources contain numerous podcasts and PDFs that touch on educational issues. Your focus should be on finding a podcast or PDF that would support the teaching of oral communication. Remember: Oral language skills include both listening and speaking. Your selected resource may link more closely to one or the other.

Additional Resources:

  • Edugains – Literary Resources by Topic
    This source provides links to educational PDFs on the subject of literacy. To find resources specific to oral communication look under the Listening, Questioning, Talk and Vocabulary tabs.

Resource Critique

Choose one resource or idea that you explored above. Consider how it could address a key principle in teaching oral communication or a specific curriculum expectation for Oral Communication. Create a Forum post that answers the “3 Ws”:

  • What is the resource? Provide a link and basic information about your selection.
  • Why? What principles of teaching oral communication or specific expectation(s) could be addressed though this resource? What features make this resource useful for teachers of literacy?
  • What now? How could you anticipate using this idea in your upcoming literacy placement?

Audio Resources


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