About the book.

The book comprises of two main parts: Chapters and Solutions.

Each Chapter focuses on one of the central mathematical concepts of the intermediate school curriculum, e.g. the Pythagorean Theorem.

A Chapter comprises of the following components:

  • Introduction. The purpose of Introductions is to place the topic of a Chapter into its cultural and historic context.
  • Problems. The problems of each Chapter are drawn from various historical sources. Their subject is the topic of the particular Chapter. Problems are numbered and open as drop-down items.
  • Stories. Each set of problems is preceded by a story from geographical and cultural context of the problems. The stories are narrated. Narrations are included in each story. The stories are set on the brown background as opposed to the white background of Introductions.
  • Map and Timeline. Map and Timeline are not specific for each Chapter. However, all the regions and times where the problems in the book come from are present on Map and Timeline.

Solutions. The solutions to problems are sorted by the Chapters. Solutions have numbers of corresponding problems and open as drop-down items.


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