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Ingrid BaranyI’m a third year student pursuing a degree in Immunology, Health & Disease, and Art History at UofT. Visual art has, and continues to be, a creative outlet for me. Working on this textbook has given me the opportunity to combine my scientific background with my artistic passion, driving the creation of many stimulating and informational graphics.


Max ShcherbinaI’m a third-year student studying Health & Disease and Cells & Systems Biology at the University of Toronto. It has been an absolute joy working with the team to make this textbook a reality. Many hours were spent researching, illustrating, editing, and collaborating. I hope that this will be an insightful and engaging window into neuroscience for current students and a reliable reference for all in the future.


Chi Chiu (Summer) Lee

I’m a third-year student studying Nutrient Science, Human Physiology and Psychology at the University of Toronto. Creative and visual art has always been a huge part of my life. I love and have travelled around the world to different cities and visited the local art museum. These experiences helped me better at transforming complex thoughts and words into visual art. Being able to work with this team has given me an opportunity to converting ideas and words into a graphical design, to help the audience understand and learn material in entertaining and innovative ways.


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