Product Management

by Cindy Royal


Digital technologies provide new ways for media companies to distribute information, engage the public, and assess results and outcomes. These products should also reflect an organization’s commitment to ethics and its responsibility to the audience. Those who manage digital products must possess a combination of communication skills and technology savvy, as well as demonstrate innovation, leadership, strategy, and creativity. This chapter explores the emerging role of product management as it specifically relates to journalism and media companies.

Learning Objectives

  • Define what a digital product is and what a product manager does.
  • Explain the history and background of product management.
  • Describe methodologies and processes associated with product management.
  • Describe the skills of a successful product manager.

Inside This Chapter

Cindy Royal, Ph.D., is director of the Media Innovation Lab at Texas State University’s School of  Journalism and Mass Communication. Reach her on Twitter at @cindyroyal

Editor’s Note: The materials in this chapter have been added for Fall 2018. This chapter is not yet available in the print edition. You can leave feedback using annotations on the chapter, or contact us.


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