by Michelle Ferrier


How do you come up with good ideas for a potentially viable  product that will meet a real need and find a market? What makes a business idea worth pursuing?

Learning Objectives

  • Define innovation and entrepreneurship and how it has generated innovations in new, digital-only media entities, distribution, content, engagement, and other technologies.
  • Define ideation.
  • Examine creative processes for exploring possibilities.
  • Learn about human-centered design (HCD) and its use in problem solving, ideation, and design.
  • Acquire techniques for ideating within HCD.
  • Understand intellectual property and whether your idea can be protected.
  • Encourage students to look outside their own domain for ideas.

Inside this Chapter

Michelle Ferrier is an associate professor in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University. She is the founder of, an online pest control service for women journalists. Reach her on Twitter at @mediaghosts.


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