Review: Free Vowels & Diphthongs

This chapter provides an opportunity to review the lexical sets in Part 2: Free Vowels.

Word Search: Free Vowel & Diphthong Lexical Sets

Flashcards: Free Vowel & Diphthong Lexical Set Keywords & Associated Images

Memory Game: Free Vowel & Diphthong Keywords and Examples

Review Each Lexical Set

The fleece Lexical Set

The nurse Lexical Set

The palm Lexical Set

The thought Lexical Set

The goose Lexical Set

The face Lexical Set

The price Lexical Set

The mouth Lexical Set

The choice Lexical Set

The goat Lexical Set

Pathway Puzzles For Free Vowels and Diphthongs

bath – palm Pathway Puzzle | KEY

trap – bath – palm Pathway Puzzle | KEY

cloth Ⓐ – thought Pathway Puzzle | KEY

face Ⓐ – face Ⓑ Pathway Puzzle | KEY


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