4 Tag Team

Tag Team is another general technique that can be used while scenes are playing. The Joker instructs that at anytime an audience member can ask the actor(s) to stop (freeze) so that they can switch places with one of the audience members/participants. When the scene is re-played or continued, the new actor might bring a completely new interpretation to the character and offer new insights to all learners.

No one person needs to continue in role until the re-enactment has completed. Others can take their place and often this leads to new discovery. For example, if you are using Voices For and Against, anyone can ‘tag team’ and take the place of another. This keeps the process collaborative and dialogic.

Considerations while Jokering

  • If you see a freezable moment that co-learners may have missed, consider freezing the scene and either switching into the scene yourself or inviting another learner to switch places with a character.
  • Rewind the scene a few seconds back to allow the new learner who has joined the scene to arrive naturally to the moment they wanted to explore through pausing the scene.
  • Always invite participation, but never force.

Examples for using Tag Team

  • As this is a general technique, this can be used at any point where participants are enacting a scene or playing a role.


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