13 How Can I Help You?


The scene Who Would You Like to Work With? contains video with no audio. We also felt it important to create a complementary auditory version of the scene that could be used to joker similar themes. We encourage that you choose one of these scenes to best fit your own context and the needs of your learners.

In How Can I Help You?, we hear four voices saying the same sentence. What assumptions do we make based upon vocal qualities such as tone?

Topic Risk Level: Low
Dramatic Skill Difficulty: Low

Watch the Scene:

Facilitation and Jokering

Voting with your feet:

  • Similar to Who Would You like to Work With?, we can joker this scene by asking learners “if you were to be involved in a group project, based solely on what you can hear from these voices, who would you most want in your group?” Participants can vote by going to certain areas of the room or raising their hands. From here, learners can have discussions about why they chose certain voices over others and delve into why some tones might not be interpreted as ‘appealing’ over others. We can also joker this scene by thinking about a health situation and ask “Who would you want to help you?” Explain your decision.

Initiating Questions

  1. What was your decision-making process in picking out a particular voice over the others?
  2. Who would you be least likely to work with (or choose help from) and why?
  3. What overall assumptions do we make based on how we hear people?
  4. How can we relate this to a health sciences context? How might this play a role in equipping leaders in health settings such as Telehealth?

Virtual Variation

The Joker can share the audio of the voices, and ask participants one at a time to vocally provide their first choice. Since Mentimeter cannot be used, ask them to provide orally up to three one-word descriptors for each voice. Have the participants prepare their words in advance of listening to the words of others.




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