Humanizing Learning: A Student-Generated Framework

A Student-Generated Framework

This work was completed by a collaborative team of students, recent graduates, librarians, educational developers, and instructors. Folks contributed in a variety of ways, including as writers, researchers, subject matter experts, accessibility auditors, copyright reviewers, and perspective givers.


Project Leads: Fiona Rawle, Shirley Liu, Laura Crupi, and Eliza King

Contributors: Mairi Cowan, Dan Guadagnolo, Yayo Umetsubo, Daniel Gillis, Ann Gagné, Nicole Campbell, Alex Smith, Nicole Laliberté, Shoshanah Jacobs, Tamara Kelly, Jennifer Curry Jahnke, Lianne Fisher, Lillian Chumbley, Christian Metaxas, Bonnie Stewart, Jess Mitchell, Giulia Forsythe, Pat Maher, Rafael Chiuzi, Rosa Jungwa Hong, Terry Greene, Habon Ali, Angela Bakaj, Abigail Eastman, Tomasz Glod, Nada Ibrahim, Joanne Kehoe, Meghan Ward, Caleb Wellum, Antonio Fragomeni, Zainab Mansoor, Lela Elbarkoki, Yimin Dong, Nadia Elkafrawy, Hamza Bin Waheed, Nara Lee, Katrina Walsh, Alexandra van der Vleugel, Jaiditya Sharma, Lynn Bahlawan, and additional students who wish to remain anonymous.


We see this work not as a final guide, but rather as a collaborative work in progress. If there are other things that readers think should be included here, or oversights or errors that we need to correct, please email your comments to and we will ensure to revise the file.


This project is made possible with funding by the Government of Ontario and through eCampusOntario’s support of the Virtual Learning Strategy. To learn more about the Virtual Learning Strategy visit:


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