36 Learning Objectives

Case 6 describes a patient’s experience with sepsis resulting from a urinary tract infection (UTI).

Learners reviewing this case can consider how sepsis develops, UTI causes, and treatments for both of these disease processes. The interprofessional interactions are typical for this type of situation.

Learning Objectives

In this case, learners have an opportunity to:

  1. Review etiological factors (i.e., risk factors, prevalence, co­morbidities) associated with sepsis
  2. Build knowledge related to the patient’s experience of sepsis
  3. Continue to develop comprehensive assessment and monitoring skills and abilities (e.g., ABGs, diagnostic studies, lab data)
  4. Consider the links between evidence-based knowledge and practice in the care of patients with sepsis (e.g., sepsis guidelines)
  5. Recommend interventions based on the risk factors, status, and progression of sepsis
  6. Define the roles of healthcare professionals and the contributions they make to the healthcare team (or describe your own role and the roles of those in other professions)


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