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This open resource has been compiled and edited by Employment and Student Entrepreneurial Services  in partnership with the OER Design Studio and the Library Learning Commons at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario.

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Career Services | Room D1063 | London Campus | 1001 Fanshawe College Boulevard, London, Ontario , N5Y 5R6 | Telephone: 519-452-4294 | career@fanshawec.ca

Additional Open Resources

Below are additional open resources currently available from Career, Cooperative Education, and Community Employment Services, and Employment and Student Entrepreneurial Services: 

  • Cooperative Education Workbook: A Work Term Guide for Co-op Success
    This workbook is designed to help Fanshawe students make the most of their cooperative education work term. Included are forms, information about steps to take throughout the term, documentation required, deadlines for submission, helpful links and contact information to have on hand should you need them throughout the work term
  • Job Search Workbook: 10 Steps to Job Search Success
    This workbook is designed to compliment the 10 Steps to My Next Job workshop., which is offered by Fanshawe College’s Employment and Student Entrepreneurial Services

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