At the Interview: First Impressions

Tips to Impress During the Interview

TipsMake a good first impression:

  • Arrive 5 to 10 minutes early. Do not be late and do not be too early either. Turn off your cellphone upon arrival.
  • Greet all parties with respect and professionalism.
  • Present yourself positively. Make eye contact, offer a firm handshake, fist pump, positive nod, smile and be aware of your body language.
  • Listen and think carefully before you answer. Repeat the question aloud to make sure you are clear on the question. Try to relax.
  • Pause and reflect on the question. It is ok to carefully consider your answer before responding.
  • Ask relevant questions and inquire about the next steps / follow up.
  • Close by restating your strengths and interest in the position and why you are the best suited candidate for the role.
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