Chapter 11: Conventional & Sustainable Energy

Wind farm near Copenhagen, Denmark. In 2014 wind power met 39% of electricity demand in Denmark.

Learning Outcomes

After studying this chapter, you should be able to:

  • Outline the history of human energy use
  • Understand the challenges to continued reliance on fossil energy
  • Outline environmental impacts of energy use
  • Understand the global capacity for each non-renewable energy source
  • Evaluate the different energy sources based on their environmental impact
  • Understand the key factors in the growth of renewable energy sources

Chapter Outline

  • 12.1 Challenges and Impacts of Energy Use
  • 12.2 Non-Renewable Energy Sources
  • 12.3 Renewable Energy Sources
  • 12.4 Combined Heat and Power as an Alternative Energy Source
  • 12.5 Hydrogen and Electricity as Alternative Fuels
  • 12.6 Electricity Grid and Sustainability Challenges
  • 12.7 Chapter Resources


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