With Thanks

Indigenous Lifeways in Canadian Business logoThe authors of the Indigenous Lifeways in Canadian Business project wish to acknowledge and give thanks to the following contributors for sharing their stories and inspiring future Indigenous entrepreneurs:

  • Krystal Abotossaway, Senior Manager, Diversity and Inclusion, Indigenous Peoples Area of Focus, TD Bank
  • Kathryn Pasquach, Owner, Culture Shock Jewelry
  • Sarah Hopkins-Herr, Owner, Three Sisters Consulting
  • Alex Jacobs-Blum, Indigenous Artist and Entrepreneur
  • Steven Vanloffeld, Founder & CEO, eSupply Canada Ltd.
  • Colby Delorme, Chairperson and Founder, Influence Mentoring Society
  • Jacob Taylor, CEO, Indigenous Aerospace
  • Mark Marsolais-Nahwegahbow, Founder, Birch Bark Coffee Co.
  • Shyra and Ryan Barberstock, Founders, Okwaho Equal Source Inc.
  • Stephen Tooshkenig, Inspired Speaker

We would also like to thank our colleagues at Sisco & Associates Consulting Ltd. for their support in organizing and conducting the interviews and licensing consent process.

  • Ashley Sisco, Owner & Principal Consultant
  • Bryanne Smart, Research Associate

We are grateful for the Indigenous Lifeways in Canadian Business artwork logo that will help to brand the series.

  • Hal Evans, Ojibwe Artist

We would like to thank our voice-over artist for his responsive and flexible assistance with making our videos sound so professional.

  • Carl Richards, Podcast Strategist, Speaker/Speaking Mentor, Carl Speaks


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