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10 tips for embedding EDI. See Image Transcript at end of page.
Figure A.1 “10 Ways We Can Embed EDI in our Community” [See image transcript below.]


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Logo: Open Learning and Educational Support, University of Guelph/graphic

EDI Poster: Open Learning and Educational Support, University of Guelph/graphic


Image Transcript

Figure A.1 10 Ways We Can Embed EDI in our Community

  1. Privilege
    Acknowledge your privilege and your perspectives on EDI work.
  1. Recognize Intersectional Oppression
    Recognize how systems of oppression create barriers to full participation.
  1. Acknowledge Your Biases
    Recognize the importance of taking the lead of equity-seeking groups.
  1. Address Your Biases
    Identify and address how unconscious bias contributes to systems of oppression.
  1. Celebrate Diversity
    Celebrate equity-deserving folks without tokenizing or appropriating culture.
  1. Inclusive Language
    Use inclusive language and monitor changing EDI language.
  1. Allyship
    Find ways to apply an anti-oppression lens in your daily activities.
  1. Interrupt oppression
    Interrupt systems of oppression when you witness them operating to exclude, stigmatize, or “other” equity-deserving folks.
  1. Active Participation
    Create a personal action plan to interrupt systems of oppression.
  1. Commit to Deepening Your Knowledge and Understanding
    Commit to a lifelong journey of learning and unlearning about lived experiences different from your own.


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