Chapter 5 – Tables

Excel workbooks are designed to store lots of information. Organizing this information so that they display meaningful data can be challenging! Excel has many features that can help you organize your data and find what you need efficiently. Setting up your data as a table from the onset will allow you to sort, filter, total, and subtotal your data. In Excel, a table is a collection of data about a particular subject stored in adjacent rows and columns. Tables can improve the look and feel of your workbook. This chapter explores how to best set up Excel tables, how to edit them, and then how to work with them effectively. These skills will be demonstrated in the context of a multi-sheet file that shows national average weather for two very different cities in the United States. Weather data is often voluminous and difficult to summarize since we collect weather data every hour of every day. Providing meaningful summaries of such data is a useful skill to have.The skills learned with this data can easily be transferred to data specific to your professional and personal needs.


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