Accessibility Statement

We developed the UDL for IDEA Guide with a commitment to accessibility and usability for all learners.

The accessibility of this guide was assessed by the Centre for Extended Learning, University of Waterloo. This review was based on the WCAG 2.0 Guidelines at success criteria Level AA. The authors have addressed all known accessibility issues to the best of their abilities.

The following known accessibility issues persist and may cause difficulties for some persons with disabilities:

  • Previous and Next page buttons are difficult to find and the use of orange text over a dark blue background is not optimal.
  • Not all videos (for example, those on public sites) have transcripts.

In addition to the web version, this guide is available in a number of file formats including PDF, EPUB (for eReaders), and various editable files. Here is a linkOpens in a new tab. to where you can download this book in another file format. Look for the “Download this book” drop-down menu to select the file type you want.


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