Why this book?

This E-book is written as the culmination of 16 months of co-design work with CoOp students in the Office of Open Learning at the University of Windsor. We started working together because of thousands of cancellations of placements for students in Engineering, Business, Computer Science and Kinesiology due to Covid19. What I never expected was the rich well of honest, productive conversation it would start and how important the word engagement would become in my work. These notes are a record of the advice, commentary and thoughts of 70 or so students thinking about what it would mean to be engaged in their classes. – Dave Cormier, August 2021

From the students

As students, we have an abundance of information at the tip of our fingers when it comes to the internet. The issues with the internet is when it comes time to test students, almost every question we ask can be found online. So the question faculty should be asking themselves is “what exactly are we doing for students?”  The idea that educators need to test students on memorization and follow exact instructions is in place from when information was rare and books were expensive. Thus, students needed to memorize the information in order to access it. However, with the internet in everyone’s pockets, this no longer is an issue, leading to the realization that the role of faculty and educators must fundamentally change. A solution is having a pedagogy that is engaging. – Students.


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